Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Your name is everything!!!

Your name truly is everything that tells your audience who and what your company is about. Some people like to use their last name or a particular geographic landmark in their companies name. On the other hand their are those who are looking for a more unique name that stands out from the rest. I have worked with people who are starting small businesses and were looking for that name that stood out from their competition. One technique that I suggest in finding that name is to write 100 words that first come in your mind that describes or could describe your company. After you have written them down cut the list down to 50 that you feel are the best. Then dwindle the list to 20 words, take those 20 words and make combinations out of them. For a beer company you may have the words pale, sleepy, brewery, ale, eye, rambler and red on your list. The combinations you may come up with are Sleepy Eye Brewery, Red Rambler Brewery, Pale Rambler Ale, etc. If you can't justify the unique name, it can be harder to sell your company, product or service.

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